On Leadership and Teamwork

A great quote by Joe Torre I came across in an article on A-Rod’s recent struggle:

“What Jason said made me realize that I had to go at it a different way,” Torre says. “When the rest of the team starts noticing things, you have to get it fixed. That’s my job. I like to give individuals what I believe is the room they need, but when I sense that other people are affected, teamwise, I have to find a solution to it.”

It’s also a great article in and of itself and speaks a lot about how our own expectations, not to mention the expecations of those around us (in this case, millions of Yankees fans) can weigh down on our ability to perform.

I think it also reveals a lot about how one should approach difficult tasks. To seek assistance, guidance, and counsel are things that many avoid in tough times due to pride or some such inner roadblock, but in fact, honesty and openness are the likely best approach. Honesty with oneself about the expecations and one’s failure to meet said expectations.

It’s well worth a read.

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