Random Happenings

Well, my pineapple died recently.

Yes, that’s right, pineapple.  Sometime last year, I decided to start growing a pineapple plant after I picked up a weird interest in growing tropical plants (fruits in particular).

Why pineapples?  Well, I found out from various sites online that the pineapple has an amazingly rich history.  Plus, I love the taste of pineapple 🙂  Besides, I figured it would be easier to try to raise a potted plant as opposed to, say a mango tree.

So I found some directions online on how to grow a pineapple and started to grow one from the healthiest crown I could find.

At first I was a bit skeptical as to how hardy the plant would be after reading the directions.  As it turns out, though, pineapples are amazingly hardy with regards to water and temperatures.  The plant survived sub-70 degree weather in my townhouse and office during the winter and wasn’t any worse for wear.  But alas, it was not hardy enough for sub-50 degree temps.  I recently moved and since the weather was getting nicer, I started to keep the pineapple outside.  A couple of nights ago, I forgot to bring it inside only to wake up in the morning to find frost (!!!) on my car window.  Frost == dead pineapple :-S

It lived for over a year; not bad.  Quite an attractive plant, too.  I started to grow two more yesterday; we’ll see how these two go.

On an unrelated note, I’m starting to suffer with “only” 1GB of RAM on my notebook (unfortunately, the max it can accept).  With VS.Net 2005 and ReSharper 2.0b running on a small project, it’s taking up roughly 350 MB of memory.  To complicate matters, all of the 2005 apps (VS, SQL Management Studio, etc.) are such resource hogs, that there is noticeable lag when I use any of them.  I’ve had to shut down SQL Server for the most part (unless I really need it) and a lot of other services as well.

Merom can’t come soon enough…

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