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I’m currently a Director of Engineering for innovoCOMMERCE, a leader in providing clinical portals, document management, and study management solutions for global pharmaceuticals, device manufacturers, and bio-techs.

Primarily, I work on all things web and .NET — in particular, building solutions for the Office and SharePoint platforms with a passion for exemplary craftsmanship.  My current interests are in building real-time, distributed, message-driven solutions using ZMQ and lots of climbing.

In a former life, I was the lead developer for SharePoint and Office platforms for the product that eventually became FirstPoint.

I’ve continued to evolve as as a developer and continued to hone my skills to build better solutions with each iteration.  I can only hope that I get to learn something new or code something extraordinary every day of my career 🙂

In my free time, you’ll find me lifting weights, kayaking, climbing, gardening, Wiki-surfing, reading, and pursuing perfection in coffee based beverages.

Email me: cchen-email