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In December of 2020, I started Thinktastic to build new a new platform for clinical trial sites focused around collaboration and social knowledge management within the context of the complex protocols at the heart of clinical trials.  I have been enjoying the creative freedom, pushing my own limits, and stepping out of my comfort zone!

Prior to that, I was Director of Engineering for InnovoCommerce. During my 10 year tenure there, I re-built the team and the product — investigatorFIRST (innovoPOINT) — which is in use by Novo Nordisk and Boehringer-Ingelheim to manage electronic exchange of essential documents with tens of thousands of trial site staff across thousands of trial sites conducting hundreds of studies.  The rebuild was one of the most challenging and engaging projects of my career!  It was one of the first systems to use the Neo4j graph database in life sciences in a production environment.  My team even wrote and contributed the transaction management code for Neo4jClient (.NET driver for Neo4j).

In that time, I found that I had a knack for managing teams of people and workstreams.  I’ve recently found out that by chance, I’d been more or less following Basecamp’s “Shape Up” model during my tenure at InnovoCommerce leading the engineering team.  I found it quite successful in bringing sanity and order for my team.

In a prior career, I was the lead developer for SharePoint and Office platforms for the product that eventually became FirstPoint.

I’ve continued to evolve as as a developer, as a leader of people, and continued to hone my skills to build better solutions and systems with each iteration.  I can only hope that I get to learn something new or code something extraordinary every day of my career 🙂

In my free time, you’ll find me writing, hiking, kayaking, climbing, gardening, Wiki-surfing, reading, and pursuing perfection in coffee based beverages.

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