Got CS?

Good news for us CS (computer science) graduates!  Well, at least according to Mr. Gates:

“Gates addressed University of Michigan students
Wednesday in kicking off a three-day college tour aimed at getting
young people interested in computer science and related fields.

Gates said the global market has greatly expanded
the need for technology and innovations and needs young people to
create them. Although many computer science jobs are being created
overseas, there still are plenty of opportunities in the United States,
Gates said.”

For anyone that may be interested in CS, stay tuned.  I
composed a little mini-map of the CS field (at least according to my
knowledge of it) that I think is helpful for those of you thinking of
getting into CS.  I think I’ll work on that this weekend (if I can
find my map (I have a habit of writing random things on random pieces
of scrap paper that either end up being recycled by someone or lost in
a pile somewhere)).

On a sidenote, I encountered this lovely error message (twice!) yesterday while working on a project:


Yes, not once, but twice yesterday!  Luckily, my
computer didn’t explode and, to my amazement, the Earth still
exists.  Whew!  Here I was hoping for the worst, too.  I
started laughing as soon as I saw it and just had to take a screenshot
and share 😀

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2 Responses

  1. Wow! I want an Error message like that – I only ever get to see the boring ones…

  2. Chuck says:

    It was actually very funny seeing this message. I think all of my coworkers enjoyed it (we’re all nerds). You should have seen my reaction, I stopped what I was doing and just started laughing…I mean, who comes up with an error message like this?!?!