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Grow Up…

Warning: strong language ahead...

So I'm attending this webcast on Microsoft Project Server 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh and I can't believe the stupid motherfuckers on the call who:

  • Can't mute their god-damned phones.
  • Can't leave the screen alone so the presenter can continue.
  • Insist on asking questions on the document instead of in chat.
  • Start drawing on the document...

Motherfuckers...you'd think we'd be a little better behaved than high school kids...Man, we're all professionals and most importantly, we're all adults man!  WTF?

And then, with regards to the install procedure for the Technical Refresh:

"Yes, I know this is painful, but due to time and resource constraints, this is the best we could come up with."


And then the kicker: you can't have SharePoint Beta 2 TR and Project Server Beta 2 TR on the same machine...You MUST install SharePoint Beta 2 TR on a seperate server first and then install Project Server Beta 2 and TR on a second server.

While the reasoning behind using the patching procedure is understandable, what is not so clear is why they do not make both types of upgrades (patch and clean/standalone) available so that some people can test the patching if they are interested in that aspect and that others (the majority) can just test the functionality of Project Server (and not have to worry about the complexity of applying the patch).  The complexity of the TR patch itself will make it likely that many will skip over the TR beta testing and simply continue to use the Beta 2 version.

Even more annoying, no further patches will be provided (no Release Candidates) until RTM so that the bugs in TR will persist until RTM.  I suspect this approach will backfire on the Project team as most people will end up simply using Beta 2 without applying the TR patch.

"B-Team" indeed...

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