Dear LinkedIn, Why Is This Still a Thing in (Almost) 2020?


I have previously blogged on my affinity for LinkedIn Recruiter for hiring.  It puzzles me that even as the modern workforce evolves and we see greater acceptance of remote work, LinkedIn still insists on a fixed geographic location for their job postings.  While I have gotten applicants from all over the world in the past, the problem is that when setting a fixed location, it narrows the matches that the job poster is able to search.  So if I set the location as Los Angeles, CA, LinkedIn’s matches are all geographically located within that area.

This is quite annoying to me as I work entirely remote myself and I’m focused on hiring “the best possible candidate” as opposed to “the best candidate near X”.  The latter is how companies often end up with sub-par talent when there isn’t a culture of remote work and understanding how to manage remote resources.  The former is how small companies can acquire the best talent and best fit possible.

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