SharePoint Design Patterns: Entry 2

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5 Responses

  1. Peter says:

    You may be interested to look at a similar open source project to abstract away SharePoint to allow better concentration of domain-specific coding: – not complete I think, but it’s going along the same path as you.

  2. Chuck says:


    Sounds awesome. The more that developers approach the SharePoint Issue in a quasi-domain driven way, the better!

    — Chuck

  3. Vitaly Baum says:

    item["Title"] – bad practice for built-in fields, see at this dict:
    And more SharePoint practices you will read in

  4. Chuck says:


    That’s a good catch. Although in the case of "Title", it seems like it would be pretty consistent.

    The built in fields are definitely handy to mitigate discovery of some of the more obscure fields in SharePoint.

    Also, another good link 🙂 I think the value is in the documentation and code samples. We need more of these to balance out the tons of quick-and-dirty examples on the web.

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