I’m kinda puzzled by the nomination of Harriet Miers for the seat left open by Sandra Day O’Connor.

What has me confused is Miers’ background, according to CNN:

“Miers, who has never been a judge, was the first woman to serve as
president of the Texas State Bar and the Dallas Bar Association. She
also served on the Dallas City Council.”

Hmmm.  While I have no idea what the president of the Texas State
Bar does, I’m quite certain that the job is entirely different from
that of a judge.  Analogously, I certainly wouldn’t expect that
our CTO be “nominated” as the lead architect on a new software project.

Is it a coincidence that she’s from Texas?

I guess that’s why I’m not in politics…none of this makes any sense to me at all.

I recently read through an article in Time that asked “How Many More Mike Browns Are Out There?” 
It will shock you how many people, in key positions, are lacking in
real credentials and experience for the leadership roles that they’re
in.  One has to wonder whether the correct question to ask today
is “How many more Mike Browns are going to be appointed?”.

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2 Responses

  1. I hear she used to be Jeb’s personal lawyer, so that would probably explain a big part of it. Just putting his "friends" everywhere, I think.

  2. Chuck says:

    Yah, that’s what my gut tells me, too. It’s hard to believe what this guy gets away with, considering the recent fiasco with Mike Brown. And it’s not even like he’s trying to hide anything…it’s plain to see that this is more about politics/back-scratching than about the best possible candidate.