David Stern, Rutgers Alum!

With the NBA season opening soon (Nets vs. Indy tonight, preseason), it seems fitting to have an NBA related post.

David Stern  is a Rutgers Alum! Very cool.  Sandra was looking up some stuff on the Rutgers website and I noticed an article on David Stern.  I dunno…I guess just a bit of Scarlet Pride šŸ˜€

On a slight tangent, I noticed that the Rutgers Graduate School of Education website looks really
sharp (well, the menu is kinda out of position on the main page, but
seemingly okay on sub-pages).  I especially like the tabbed
navigation on some of the sub-pages for different views of the data;
much easier to use than dropdowns (well, I guess the one drawback is
that the page is limited in the number of pixels in that space, but I
think it works better than a dropdown).

On the flipside, the HTML is not that sharp.  Heavy use
of tables and a pure JavaScript menu where a CSS/list-based one would
have sufficed and been more efficient.

In keeping with my random tangents (totally random), I’d just like to share that this company, Maranatha,
makes some of the best peanut butter.  Got it at Sam’s Club the
first time, but I’m trying to ween myself off of Sam’s and,
unfortunately, Costco doesn’t carry it yet.  Unlike a lot of the
all natural peanut butters you can get in the grocery store, this
peanut butter is soooo finely ground, that the oil is able to
work itself through the paste.  This means that when you get to
the bottom of the jar (huge 26 oz. jar), the peanut butter isn’t crusty
and unspreadable like most other brands.  Yah, I feel like a little kid šŸ˜€ I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich everyday at 10:00 AM.

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