Awesome News For Web UI Developers

Google’s new AJAX Libraries API should help quite a bit with developing web UIs.  From Dion Almer:

I just got to announce the Google AJAX Libraries API which exists to make Ajax applications that use popular frameworks such as Prototype,, jQuery, Dojo, and MooTools faster and easier for developers.
Whenever I wrote an application that uses one of these frameworks, I would picture a user accessing my application, having 33 copies of prototype.js, and yet downloading yet another one from my site. It would make me squirm. What a waste!
When I joined Google I realised that we could help out here. What if we hosted these files?

Read more about it here.

By the way, I caught this little tagline from ajaxian:

Because after 10 years, we’re still hand-coding.

There’s a lot to be said for the productivity gained from drag-&-drop RAD tools, but ultimately, software engineering is still at a stage where craftsmanship matters (a lot) and there is no substitute for a skilled craftsman.

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