On The Suckage Of Lotus Notes (6.5)

Lotus Notes continues to suck as much as ever.  Every day, I wake to find more suckage.

For example, today, when a coworker forwarded a meeting invitation to me, instead of allowing me to accept it in my calendar and schedule the event, it came across as a regular e-mail with no option to accept the meeting invitation which was attached.

Furthermore, there’s this little gem:

Uhhh…thank you Lotus Notes for informing me that the meeting occurs in a different time zone.  It would be nice if you could tell me which time zone. You know, since I can’t automatically schedule the event, it would be nice if you could just tell me what time zone it’s in so I can manually schedule it.  Furthermore, see that little outline around the globe and arrow?  This would lead one to believe that clicking on it does something like maybe map the actual time…but nope, nothing happens (the same with the text).  LotusNotes = Productivity–

Meanwhile, Amazon Prime is the polar opposite of suckage.  I ordered two books yesterday and used the default Prime “free” 2nd day shipping option.  To my surprise, they’ve arrived on my doorstep less than 24 hours later.  If that isn’t awesome, then I don’t know what is.

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1 Response

  1. Andrew says:

    Haha yeah Lotus notes….I prefer to just write my stuff in my planner.

    I’ve used Outlook which works pretty well with scheduling, and I actually work with a company that has software specifically made to help in coordinating meetings. Its called Meeting Room Manager and it lets you schedule from anywhere and see who is attending. You should try this software out if Lotus notes is giving you that much trouble. I attached a link.