Am I Just Being Compulsive?

I waked up this morning with some notices that new code has gone into our main repository.

So of course, I perform a checkout to get the new code and what do I get?  Argh!  The commiter added the _svn directories (possibly from a previous working copy) into the repository!  So of course, the checkout fails and I need to revert to a previous version.

Now I’m a little annoyed.

Then I go in and check the directories to confirm that indeed, the _svn directories were checked in like any other directory.  I also find that our naming rules, which I had thought we all agreed on, are not being followed.  In addition, we had discussed building all projects off of the main solution and building sub-solutions from that main solution trunk.

Nope.  We have a solution sitting in it’s own directory.  To top it off, it’s a solution file that doesn’t follow naming conventions.

Then there are other various little things which just add to the morning frustration; the use of “Sharepoint” instead of “SharePoint”, “Engr” instead of “Engineering”, inconsistent naming of image files, the existence of an App_Data directory (why is there an App_Data directory in this solution???????), referencing obsolete libraries (I could swear we discussed this)…

These little things all matter in the end in creating a sense of professionalism and coherence in the final product when DLLs and classes are named according to guidelines, file naming is consistent, and spelling (misspelled words in code annoy me to no end) is correct.

Man, these things just grate me so much.  I dunno, am I just OCD about my code?  This kind of stuff just drives me batty.  It literally freezes my brain until the issue is resolved.  Nobody seems to care much about the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into their code…that is until we need to do a customer or partner facing code review, then the only code they want to put up for review is mine…


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