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6 Responses

  1. Haacked says:

    I was pretty excited when I saw that someone referenced a blog entry of mine in Wikipedia. But I kept it to myself. 😉

  2. Chuck says:

    Come on man, let me bask in my geek-dom (even just a little tiny-itsy-bitsy bit).

    BTW, I have two things on my backburner now.

    VineType vs. Subtext (I have ST installed, actually) and Castle.Windsor vs. Spring.Net. I’m closer to finishing the latter than I am the former.

  3. Derrick says:

    Well, I’m sort’ve one of those stumblers. I saw your name in another blog talking about hosting with ServerIntellect. It was a post almost a year old. Would you still recommend hosting with them? I need to switch hosts ASAP, and I’m looking to go VPS, and they seem like one of the best, but I wanted to find out what real customers thought. Thanks in advance for your thoughts on them.


  4. Chuck says:


    I’m on a shared server, but as far as I can tell, the service has been great.

    I remember the day that I registered with them; it was a holiday (labor day?) and I called up to confirm the registration. Within 2 rings, there was a voice on the other end. "Mr. Chen, how can I help you today"?

    I was a little confused as to how he knew who was calling, but it turns out that he had just watched my registration go through the system. Weird. But in a good way.

    The web mail is one of those oft overlooked aspects of hosting. On that front, the SmarterMail system that they use is pretty good. It ain’t OWA or GMail, but it’s better than many of the packages I’ve seen in the past with other hosting companies. Good filtering and forwarding options. Well designed interfaces. Easy setup and admin. Can’t ask for more.

    One thing that kind of sucks, at least with the shared server is that the web server only supports ASP.Net for server side application programming. Unfortunately, some of the best, free web applications are PHP or Ruby based. For example, Drupal.

    With ASP.Net, they were one of the first hosting companies that switched over to .Net 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 (they even allowed users to sign up for beta 2 hosting). While some companies actually charged for this "upgrade", it was completely free with ServerIntellect. Switching between 1.1 and 2.0 was a 5 second ordeal.

    So in summary, I would recommend them 🙂

  5. Derrick says:

    Thanks, Chuck. Their VPS seems perfect for what my company needs, EXCEPT that one small part of one of my sites needs PHP and MySQL (long story), and I’m not sure they will allow that, even on the VPS. I’m trying to find out right now.

    Other hosting companies I’m considering are PowerVPS.Com and ASPNix.Com. I’m researching my head off right now!

    I appreciate your time, Chuck. Thanks again!


  6. Well, anyways: Congratulations. This sure beats those freaky searches I get because of my page’s title, that’s for sure!