Gaming News Galore

Yes, while I have absolutely no time for gaming these days
(especially console gaming),  I still constantly trawl through the
‘Net looking for news and info on the next gen. consoles.  I don’t
know why, as I don’t seem to have much time to play console games

But in any case, today marks the official start of the Next
Generation in the console wars.  Microsoft’s XBox 360 officially releases
today.  In addition, Sony announces that the price of the PS3 will debut at about $300-400,
contrary to the earlier rumors that the pricepoint would be closer to
$500+.  At $500+, I definitely wouldn’t get one.  At
$300-400, for a Blu-ray player, I’d probably pick one up.

I’ve been debating on whether it’s worth it to get an XBox
360.  I didn’t get the first XBox, even though there were some
great games on it.  But I’ve got a nice, big HD set at home just yearning for the Next Gen. systems.  Oh who am I kidding, I don’t have the funds for it in any case :P.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been reading about the poor manufacturing quality control for the first batch of XBox 360’s. 
Apparently, there have already been some “casualties” with the XBox
360’s in circulation.  From what I’ve read, it’s primarily a heat
issue.  This makes me worry somewhat as the Nintendo Revolution’s
CPU is also being produced by IBM and the Rev. will be in a much
smaller form factor.  If it’s using a similar architecture, then
it could be an issue.

Speaking of the Revolution, news on that front has been pretty
mum.  My wife was playing Monkey Ball on the GC last night (I
dunno what would compel her to suddenly want to play it, but she hooked
up the GC and sat there basically all night playing it).  I sat
there watching her twisting and turning her whole body (to no avail) as
she guided here little monkey around the course.  Man, Rev. is
going to rock sooooooooooo hard.

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4 Responses

  1. If, in stead of surfing the web reading about games, you’d actually play them, you would have less of an issue on that play-time thingy.

    And I don’t expect the Rev to have those problems. The design is basically finished for a while, and I believe that any trouble it may have is going to be ironed out over the next month or so at the latest.

    And yes. It will rock. It’s also the only Next-Gen console. The others are only upgraded Current-Gen consoles, in case you hadn’t noticed.

  2. Chuck says:

    Yah I know. Rev is the only one that I can say, without a doubt, that I *must* get.

    I’m thinking I should get a DS and a wireless dongle and play Mario Kart at work instead of surfing the web 😀

  3. Ooh! Than we could play together! I’m getting it on Monday! Only, if when you’re at the office, I’m probably supposed to be in bed…

  4. Chuck says:

    Heh, well, I went to the VG store today and picked up a bundle of used GBA games (and reserved two copies of Final Fantasy IV). So no funds for the DS now 😛

    Let’s see:

    * Metroid: Zero Mission
    * Megaman Zero 3
    * Fire Emblem
    * Super Mario World 2

    And the wife picked up Sonic Mega Collection for the ‘Cube. I’ll be quite busy with these games for a while 😀

    I’m waiting for them to redesign it. It’ll be a good pick up if I’m travelling a lot (which may happen in the next 6 months).

    But if I get it, you’ll be sure to know about it!