Insight into French Unrest

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2 Responses

  1. nads says:

    Well from what it seems like this is an upheavel long in the making. I don’t think any actual extremist yet has a part in any of this (they seem to busy in Iraq). Maybe this is the wake up call that Europe and the US needs…you cannot step on civil liberties without forcing your citizens to demand changes. What I find to be interesting is that Britain is pushing forward with its legislation to hold suspected terrorists for 90 days without any charges. The "democratized" world seems to be willing to step all over civil liberties. Weren’t these the things that the terrorists and low life scum of the colonies fought against in the American Revolution. This is all such a mess…how do you get people to listen when you have no voice…I think another solution could be found to this violence but I just don’t know what it is. The stakes in this mess just got higher now that an innocent person died in the rioting.

  2. Charles Chen says:

    It’s not pretty.

    I’m actually surprised that the same hasn’t happened here in the US, esepcially in some of the areas that are steeped in poverty and have a high unemployment rate.

    It’s kind of disgusting, though, how these people were treated by the French. The Western world likes to think of itself as highly civilized, educated, and democrotized; but the reality is that we really just have more money 🙂

    I agree though, that there doesn’t seem to be a clear/easy solution to this mess.

    What’s interesting is how lightly this whole situation is being covered in the US.