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I’ll Just Leave This Here…

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Bill Simmons: NBA Week 1

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I just had to share, a really humorous look at the week that was in the NBA.



Never Forget…

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Pictures 5, 8, and 10 = teh funneh 😀

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Love Newegg?

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I know I do.

It's one of a handful of places that I choose to do business with when it comes to purchasing computer parts.  In fact, I only purchase computer parts from online retailers (and have been doing so exclusively for quite a while).  I think, over the past 4-5 years, I've probably spent over $10,000 with Newegg (don't let the wife see that number).

Well, Anandtech has an amazing look at the internals of Newegg and how that processor you ordered on Monday ends up in your hands on Wednesday.

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Random Links

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It's always interesting to see how people end up on this site.

That's one of the neat things about dasBlog...I'm always giddy when I see some new referrals 🙂  Every once in a while, I'll get a few referrals from a handful of bloggers over at weblogs.asp.net.

For a while, I spent quite a bit of time over at weblogs.asp.net.  Not so much these days as my projects have picked up, but I've had some interesting discussions with some of the guys over there.

Stop by WAN if you get bored; there's certainly interesting bits here and there.


Badass Site

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Came across a great site today.  Now permalinked on the nav bar.  Just had to share 😀

The Ghetto Jacob's Ladder is badass.  I especially like this line:

"A flyback transformer in the monitor
generates a few kV that is used to accelerate electrons in the CRT to hit
the screen, and produce the pornographic images we all love to view because
no girl will talk to us."


Don't miss Ghetto Tattooing either; OMG, that last photo is hilarious.