Identity as a Service: Auth0 vs Okta vs Azure AD B2C – First Look

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3 Responses

  1. Sandrino says:

    Hi Charlie, for the Auth0 on-premises support you can find the docs here: – this is basically for larger corporations/government institutions/… that want a dedicated deployment of Auth0 either in the Auth0 cloud environment, in their own cloud environment or within their own data center. There are different reasons why companies choose this, one example is the legal aspect (ie: having to store the data within a specific location).

    The Auth0 “public cloud” and the PSaaS are the same products, with some subtle differences that are documented here:

  2. Mike A says:

    Nice article Charlie, thanks. I also was disappointed/annoyed with the removal of ACS as it was a super simple point-of-trust for our application teams to work with, and our ops teams to configure and control. Now we have to build dashboards and switchboards or custom widgets so that we can utilise multiple IDPs and maintain all the underlying config and plumbing…

    Maybe someone should spin up an ACS replacement. I see a real opportunity at corporate and consumer level for this tech, I don’t want to see “facebook” or “google” or “create account”, I want to see one point of trust and then I can ratify which identity I will use to authenticate, not what the application team thought they had to support.

    • Charles Chen says:


      I am with you 100% on ACS; there is a place in the world for software that is simple, just works, and works well.

      The Azure AD documentation indicates that future releases of Azure AD B2B will offer options for direct federation so it may be that those capabilities will roll into the Azure AD B2B feature set (where it makes the most sense given that federation really falls under the purview of “Business to Business”) in the future.