Avoid West Elm

It’s hard to imagine how some e-tailers are still functioning like it’s 1999 in the age of Overstock and Amazon.

I ordered an item from West Elm online on October 18th assuming that I’d have it in my possession within a week.

Nope!  A week later, and nary an email on the status of the order, which is still listed as “shipping soon” on their website.

Turns out on 11/09, I’ll get a call to set up a delivery date….

I don’t even get the privilege of setting up a delivery date until almost a full month later?  Are master craftsmen hand-crafting my headboard, right at this very moment?  Given the reviews of their quality (or lack thereof), I think not.

I’m not sure if their stock management system sucks or what but this seems pretty crazy (OK, I’m spoiled by Prime as well).  I think it’s a bit silly that I had to contact a live person to get a status on my delivery.

Turns out that this is SOP for West Elm and would have avoided them from the start had I known.

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