Utah – Day 3, 4, 5

Programmathon was fairly successful. While I enjoy the freedom of working offsite, it’s definitely good to get together once in a while and get face to face with everyone (although my gastrointestinal tract begs to differ).

But of course, no trip with Jim is complete without a trip to Hooters 😛

Zorch @ Hooters

Me @ Hooters

Check David's Spiffy Hat

In the Salt Lake City vicinity, the mountains are omnipresent. It’s very beautiful out here (but dry as a desert (I started to bleed under my fingernails due to the dryness)).

Mountains Are Omnipresent.

Of course, we had to visit the Standard Supply company nearby the office where they had a giant toilet (for the obese I assume). Brady labeled this portrait: Stinking Man.

The Stinking Man

Being Monday, everyone had to go watch 24 (except me as I don’t really watch TV) so we didn’t go out to dinner, which saved my body from yet another caloric bombardment. I was too tired anyways, so I plopped down and went to bed early.

On day 4, we went up to “Snow Bird” to have lunch at a lodge there. It was absolutely beautiful. Some of those runs looked incredible…but yeah, I’m too much of a pansy to ski 😛 Basketball for me, thanks.

Up On SnowBird For Lunch


Leaving SnowBird

As beautiful as the scenery is out there and as nice a place as Utah seems to be, I’m glad to be back home in New Jersey. My skin and fingers are doing better in just a day back home (be sure to bring some moisturizer with urea if you go out there) as the air out there is just so incredibly arid. It’s also kind of weird being in a social setting where 98% of the population is so homogeneous.

One thing that I’ve learned on this trip is that mini-vans actually aren’t that bad. The Sienna was quite peppy for such a large vehicle and rode very well. It even made it through 3-4 inches of snow without issue.

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