Office Space

For those of you who are curious, this is what my (tiny) “office” space looks like.


The funky looking thing on the right is actually a vertical, blower style, fan made by Holmes.  Yes, that is indeed a 19″ Samsung LCD.  Very sweet.  Since I have very little desk space, I’ve started to invade the neighboring desks and even the divider (which doubles as a bookshelf!).  I swear, we were told that this was temporary, like 3 months ago.  Oh well.  Note the extra fanny cushion…these are the worst desk chairs.  EVAR.

On a side note, I finally figured out how to upload images from my cell phone 😀

I snapped a pic of a truck this morning that had quite a funny line scrawled on the back of it: “REAL MEN LOVE BUSH 04” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).  Something very humorous about that :-), especially first thing in the morning.  Unfortunately, it came out all blurry :-S

Actually, I’m somewhat disappointed in the quality of my cameraphone.  Whodathunk that the camera sucked so much given the hefty price of the Razr?

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