Simply Amazing…

Stumbling across news of JetBlue flight 292,
I found it difficult to contain my emotions. It’s simply
mindboggling to imagine what those passenger were going through in
those moments. I started tearing up just reading the article.

Luckily, everyone made it out unscathed thanks in part to the excellent
skills of the pilot who makes a beautiful and otherwise uneventful
landing (if you can ignore the sparks and flames shooting out from the
front wheel landig gear).

Perhaps the most interesting part of this whole ordeal was that many
(if not all) of the passengers aboard were watching their own fate via
DirectTV satellite feeds (which they shut off 10 minutes before

It’s quite interesting as it underscores the pervasiveness of
information that exists today; not only were they watching their own
potential demise, the passengers were texting their relatives and
calling their friends. Much like with the firsthand cameraphone
accounts of the London tube bombings, we move ever closer to the
collective mind of the $d(Borg)

Amazing times that we live in.

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