Automated UI Testing with Leapwork: Intro and Tutorial

If you’ve used automated UI testing tools in the past, you know how difficult it can be to get these tools to even do simple actions; forget about complex actions in modern web UIs.

Leapwork is different. This software is unlike any tool I’ve ever used before. It’s super flexible and very easy to use; it allows you to be productive with almost no training and very little reading of documentation. The best way to describe it is that it’s like learning through play. The tool encourages exploration and different ways of solving common problems with UI test automation with little to no knowledge of code or even of the tool itself; I would say that it doesn’t “punish” you for experimenting and it always feels like you are in control.

This is not a paid promotion, this is not even a solicited promotion. I started using the tool and was so impressed with it, that I think everyone who’s in the market for automated UI testing tools should look at Leapwork. In my some 20 years of professional software development, I can easily say that this is the most “powerful” software I’ve used if we define powerful as the ratio of effort in to results out; you can get great results with minimal input effort with Leapwork.  (Software like SQL Server, Neo4j, Visual Studio, Docker are powerful, but require significantly more input of effort to realize the power of the software/platform/tool.)

I was listening to a recent episode of This American Life on Delight and it occurred to me that this is exactly how Leapwork makes me feel: delighted.  It’s a strange thing to say about a piece of software, but I have thoroughly enjoyed learning it, playing with it, and using it.  It forces you to rethink how software UI test automation is done, but it does so in a delightful way.

The video is almost 2 hours long, but I wanted to showcase actual usage of the software for anyone who’s out there doing an evaluation.

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  1. remco dekker says:

    Great video! Thanks for sharing.

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