Windows 7 0x800704cf Error

So I turned on the computer today and the network shares weren’t working.

Ran through a couple of checks:

  • Can I ping the machine? Check.
  • Can I remote desktop into the machine? Check.
  • Are the firewall settings okay? Check.
  • Can I access the share using the IP? No go.
  • Can I access the share using FQDN? No go.
  • Reboot and try again? No go.

Turns out that this is an issue with Windows 7.  It creates hundreds of these random adapters in Network adapters (need to turn on Show hidden devices from View).

Now the question of how to remove all of these.  That led to a Microsoft tool called devcon.  Conveniently, Microsoft doesn’t include an x64 version of it in the download on the Microsoft website; only an x86 and ia64 version…(not enough ellipsis in the world to express my annoyance).

Luckily, others have already gone through the pain of extracting this from other sources.

Now just run:

And you should be good to go.

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