How Not To Get Hired For A Tech Job

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  1. Tom T says:

    With regards to McCain vs. Obama, just taking the Measure of a Man, McCain’s refusal to leave a prison camp until others imprisoned before him is particularly impressive to me. I think this speaks volumes about the man’s character and ability to lead, irrespective of Democratic and/or Republican idealogy, voting records, tax plans, etc.

    Coming from somebody who is a slighty-right-of-center moderate (not hard-core Republican), I think this is a viewpoint held by many swing voters. I don’t doubt that Obama has the same decency of character, but life events have allowed McCain to more explicitly demonstrate his.

    I only wish all of this had occurred in 2000, rather than 2008. McCain is not young … that does worry me a bit, as my vote is for him, not Palin. However, I do think the "experience" factor is a bit overrated, as we’ve had many presidents who’ve had zero foreign policy experience (Reagen, Clinton, Bush II … all governors, incidentally) when they were elected.