New Jersey Gets *Something* Right

High property taxes?  Check.  Terrible congestion?  Check.  Exit 13?  Check (for those not in the know, exit 13 on the NJ Turnpike is the location of an all encompassing foul odor from the refineries located in the area).  Overabundance of guidos?  Check.

For all the reasons that NJ sucks, there are a few bright spots like the grease trucks at Rutgers and an interesting little ruling by the NJ Supreme Court:

The justices say that IP addresses are sufficiently anonymous to justify privacy protection because, theoretically, only the Internet service provider can identify who is associated with a specific IP address.

“Internet users today enjoy relatively complete IP address anonymity when surfing the Web. Given the current state of technology, the dynamic, temporarily assigned, numerical IP address cannot be matched to an individual user without the help of an ISP. Therefore, we accept as reasonable the expectation that one’s identity will not be discovered through a string of numbers left behind on a website”

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