Photos And Notes From NYIAS 2008

The highlight of this year’s show, for me, was definitely the Nissan GT-R.
It’s quite possibly one of the most anticipated mass produced vehicles to be
released in recent years.

I was also looking forward to the new Maxima. Admittedly, it looks way better
in person than it does in photographs; you can’t really capture how low slung and
aggressive it looks.

It was also an opportunity for my wife and I to explore the 2009 Murano. We
haven’t made it a priority to stop by the dealership to check one out, but it
is definitely a nice upgrade from the outgoing model with a price upgrade to match.
The Murano is much more luxurious now and looks surprisingly good in person. I didn’t
think I’d like the new shape — particularly the grill — but I have to say that it
looks great in person.

I was hoping to see the Mazda 2, but unfortunately, it wasn’t at the show.

As far as the American manufacturers go, I have to say, I like where GM is headed.
On a recent trip, I was upgraded to a new Malibu and I’m thoroughly impressed. It may
have been the first time I’ve driven a product from the Big Three and actually could
imagine myself purchasing the vehicle. I also really like what they’ve done with the
CTS and the CTS Coupe concept…fantastic work.

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