The Joe Louis Story

I’m in awe of Joe Louis at this moment and a little bit ashamed that prior to this evening, I’d known almost next to nothing about the man.  Joe Louis: America’s Hero…Betrayed is an amazing documentary, telling the story of a man that every American should know and a story that is especially moving to minorities who can look to him as a selfless pioneer.

Selfless in the sense that no person should have to carry the burden of the hopes and dreams of millions of people that individuals like Louis, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr. did in their lifetimes.  Against the tidal waves of hatred, the threats against their lives and safety, and in times much different than the one that we live in today, people like Louis gave a nation of minorities hope and pride.  He was a man who didn’t shy from his responsiblities and the responsibility of being the ambassador for the black community in a time when they needed him the most.  Perhaps the most inspiring aspect is that he shouldered all of that responsibility in a humble, soft spoken, and professional manner.

It is a must watch not only for minorities, but also for all of America.  Louis isn’t merely a hero to the black community, but his story is one of a true American hero and a patriot.  Jimmy Cannon is quoted on the title page of the documentary’s website, “He was a credit to his race — the Human Race.”

He is a hero, a role model, a champion, a patriot, and a pioneer.  I hope that he’ll be remembered as such in American history for generations to come.

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