You Know It’s A Slow Newsday When…

You know it’s a slow newsday when the AP decides to run a story on how they didn’t run stories on Paris Hilton.

AP: We ignored Paris Hilton

NEW YORK (AP) — So you may have heard: Paris Hilton was ticketed the other day for driving with a suspended license.

Not huge news, even by celebrity-gossip standards. Here at The Associated Press, we put out an initial item of some 300 words. But it actually meant more to us than that.

It meant the end of our experimental blackout on news about Paris Hilton.

And of course, they celebrate by patting themselves for not reporting non-news and putting out a 1000+ word long article on how they ignored Paris Hilton.  All the while, they’ve been wasting all too much effort on reporting the Anna Nichole Smith story – thanks for keeping me in touch on that guys, not like there are more pressing concerns, right?  You know, like a stock market dip?  The war in Iraq?  The President’s outrageous budget and tax cuts for the upper echelon?  Yeah, I didn’t think that stuff was important either.

These guys deserve some sort of award…for stupidity.

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