I <3 Microsoft Hardware

I know I’ll probably come across like a “fanboi“, but I really, really like Microsoft’s keyboards and mice.  I’m currently using the Natural Ergo 4000 keyboard and it’s awesome (you can read my review of it at Amazon).  It’s the most comfortable “mainstream” (as in anyone can pick it up in Staples or Office Max) keyboard out there for extended typing usage.  I haven’t had cramps or pain in my pinkies for months (CamelCase will do that to you…)!  Months!  And I’m in front of the computer for a good 8-10 hours a day!

Prior to this, I was rocking a Wireless Desktop Pro keyboard/mouse set (which I also reviewed at Amazon).  While quite comfortable in its own right, cannot compare to my current setup of the aforementioned 4000 and Logitech MX Revolution (along with UberOptions).

But anyways, I replaced the mouse included with the WDP set a few months back as the scroll wheel started to gum up and would not scroll or click anymore (damn cats >.<).  So I finally decided to call Microsoft today and see if I could get a replacement since the receiver and keyboard are both still fine.  Fully ready to pay for the replacement and the shipping cost, to my surprise,

  1. The service rep. that answered my phone call was American and spoke “normal” English,
  2. The service rep. was polite and friendly,
  3. The service rep. hooked it up with a replacement mouse, no questions asked (well, except for the standard ones) with no charge at all to me…no shipping, no replacement fee,
  4. The confirmation was sent to me in under an hour…

Yes indeed.  I <3 Microsoft hardware 😀 (and great support to boot).

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