I Want To Dunk.

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2 Responses

  1. Josh McHugh says:

    Good luck with the dunk project. 5’10" and you’ve dunked before – I bet you can do it. When you dunked in high school, was is one-handed or two? I never got the two-foot jump/two-hand ball-handle down, and that killed me. Let me know how it goes. Best, Josh McHugh – josh@wiredmag.com

  2. Chuck says:


    It was a one handed dunk of a ball coming off the rim. I know, that only *half* counts as a dunk :P, but there’s no way I’m getting up there with two hands and I can just barely palm the ball.

    It’s been coming along. I’ll probably get more focused on it during the spring/summer when I can actually *play* basketball. The skin on my hands just can’t handle it right now.

    Thanks for stopping by.