Random DevTools Entry: #003

DHTML Edition.

Came across an awesome listing of DHTML resources today via weblogs.asp.net.

Just a short snippet:

  • 3 Column Holy Grail.  For good reason, clean, search engine optimized CSS layouts have been hot in the web design space for quite a while.  I really got into it when I was working at Factiva.  Up until that point, I didn’t even know that such techniques existed.  Well it seems like someone has finally pulled it all together into one super clear layout.  I marvel in the simplicity…
  • Qooxdoo.  Wow.  I am blown away by what’s capable with this library.  Definitely worth a look, particularly the windowing capabilities.  The last two web based projects I’ve built have used custom windowing libraries which are definitely not as well developed as these libraries are.  Now I’m salivating to build something cool with it 🙂
  • dp.SyntaxHighlighter.  I’ve actually been thinking of writing just this!  Amazing stuff, really.  At the moment, I’m mostly using an external tool to colorize my code and pasting it as HTML…this looks like a much better solution.
  • DOM-Drag.  Looks good.  Last DHTML front end project I was on, I spent way too much time making drag-drop work.  However, the performance does seem a tiny bit laggy on some of the demos.
  • Nifty Corners.  Looks interesting…people seem to like the rounded corners look…I’ve always been too damn lazy to make rounded corners 🙂
  • moo.fx.  This library looks great…very performant and easy to use.
  • script.aculo.us.  A more heavyweight and full featured effects library.
  • Behavior.  I’m really digging this one…check out how clean the demo pages are.  Very nice.

And there’s also a boatload of AJAX libraries listed as well…way too many, I’d say.

But I digress.  Some of these libraries just make me giddy.  But I’m weird like that.

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