My Grapefruit Addiction

Ever since I discovered that I could actually cut out grapefruit wedges (I lived for some 25 years before I discovered this fact!), I’ve been addicted to the tangy, juicy globes of goodness.  Half the fun is playing with sharp knives; half the fun is the tasty, tasty reward.  As a bonus, eating grapefruit allows you to bask in your manly skills.

Here’s a guide to help you get your grapefruit addiction on:

Step 1: Take off the rind with a sharp knife

Step 2: Cut out the wedges (hat and scarf optional; happy face: mandatory!)

Step 2a: Check out that skill and precision!

Step 3: Squeeze the juice from the membranes (only manly men need apply)

Step 4: Squeeze the juice from the rinds

Step 5: Victory!

Did you know that Texas is one of the largest producers of Ruby Red grapefruits?  As a grapefruit loving Liberal, I’m highly conflicted by this!  Well, at least they’re good for something; we can’t let them secede just yet!

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