Responsibility in Consultancy

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2 Responses

  1. Davis says:

    Great post, Chuck. Somewhat related sentiment about WinForms over WPF (with mention of SL) at InfoQ:

    • Charles Chen says:

      Interesting. In the case of the DX subscribers/users, however, I wonder if it’s really because they’ve had experience with and have found the deficiencies in WPF/SL or if they’re unwilling to re-architect and re-implement their existing applications on a new UI foundation that would require new skillsets.

      From my perspective, I view WPF and SL as two different beasts in the with WPF, you’re pretty much expecting that your users will be using Windows as an operating system and you can include installers for WPF with your app if necessary.

      With SL and Internet facing web applications, it’s a different story altogether. One simply cannot expect that users will have the necessary platform components (plugins, .NET, etc.) to support the application. Sure, this can be solved with some JavaScript fallbacks, but this is really increasing your effort if the application doesn’t require functionality specifically available to SL.

      In any case, I would LOVE to see Microsoft bring hardware accelerated HTML5 everywhere. That would be truly amazing in terms of expanding the universe of Windows UI developers while also enabling shared user experiences across desktop and web applications.