Getting All Content Controls using OpenXML

If you’re trying to get all of the content controls in an OpenXML document, the most obvious way to do it would be:

But this will only get you some of the content controls.  Basically, it won’t return any nested, inline content controls (nested, non-inline content controls are still returned).  Nested, inline content controls are still tagged as <sdt/>, but the corresponding class name is actually SdtRun, not SdtBlock.

To get all of the content controls, you need to use the following code instead:

The resultset will include SdtBlock and SdtRun elements.  This had me coding in circles for a few hours….

Note that likewise, the content element is different between the two.  For SdtBlock, the content element is an SdtContentBlock.  For SdtRun, the content element is an SdtContentRun.

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