Book Review: Building Solutions for SharePoint 2010

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4 Responses

  1. Brad Thurber says:

    Good review. One of the best books out at the moment on this subject. I don’t know if it was “rushed” as much as just not edited very well. They could have put more resources on it and it would have been fine. Pet peave of mine though is a typo on a code block. While not indicative of all of the code, on one line alone I found 2 typos! How is this even possible?

    • Charles Chen says:

      I didn’t really look for errors in the code, but I did find that many of the samples felt a bit incomplete. After finishing the book, I still believe that it has a lot of good info in terms of breadth, but definitely lacks in depth. It probably wouldn’t bother me as much if the book had been titled differently and not titled as a “solutions” book (I tend to expect something different when I read the word “solution” in a book title).

      Any suggestions for books with greater depth?

  2. Davis says:

    Hey Chuck,

    Thanks for posting your review. I agree this is a good book, but not the “flagship 2010” book that it’s billed to be. The content is adequate and covers things well, just not in depth enough. I’m almost finished with the sample chapters of the updated 2010 Pattison book (available from MSDN or the Critical Path Training site). I can’t wait for the whole book to come out, but the release date keeps getting pushed (Amazon now shows December 15th…). I’ve also started Professional SharePoint 2010 Development by Tom Rizzo and others, but it casts a wide net like the Malik book. It is encouraging to see how many 2010 books are already on the market, but I think the Pattison book, when it’s finally out, is going to be the gold standard.

  3. Randy says:

    Great review. Saw useful review for some more books @