Is There Any Food Sriracha Sauce Can’t Fix?

While reading his article from the NY Times on The 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating, my curiosity regarding sardines was piqued.  Like most people (I’m just guessing here), sardines aren’t on my shopping list…ever.  So I had to google and figure out how these things are supposed to be eaten and what not.

This lead me to this article over at Chowhound and this choice quote:

My favorite sardine to date is Angelo Parodi sardines. They are carried at most Italian markets or delis.

I ate them plain, so can’t help you there … only hint … if you get a can of sardines you don’t like … sriracha sauce will fix it.

For those Anglo readers who stumble upon this article, sriracha sauce is kind of like the Asian version of ketchup; every fridge should have a bottle of that stuff sitting around.  It’s the perfect combination of spicy, savory, and tangy and goes with pretty much anything (okay, dessert dishes? not so much).

Seriously: is there any food that a little sriracha sauce can’t fix?

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