Three Ron Paul Videos That You HAVE To See.

I like how Paul sticks by his principles and doesn’t take the bait. Excellent response.

Wow…the “joke” by McCain in that last video just came of as completely ignorant. Once again, Paul lays the smack down on the rest of the field. I’m not clear on the rest of Paul’s views, but clearly, the man is the only honorable, principled, and honest guy in the whole Republican field.

If he doesn’t win the nomination, we’ll know where the Republicans stand in terms of their priorities.  And once again, these videos remind me why I can’t watch Fox News.  The response that McCain gave in that third video definitely would not have made it across his lips in say a debate on NBC since he clearly would have come across as a racist and completely ignorant.  But it says something about the audience of Fox News that he felt that everyone would get a good chuckle out of it and decided to give that as a response.

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