Notes From Austin, TX

Austin is just an awesome city.  There’s just something about it that attracts me to it.  I can’t really say why I like it there so much.  I’m not really a clubber or a bar hopper, so the 6th Street Entertainment District really doesn’t do it for me (although it was definitely fun to stroll through there with all of the live music and partygoers).  I enjoy live music, but I’m not fanatical about it (although it was awesome hearing live music all around the 6th Street area after sunset – from bands on the street to bands in open bars).  I like window shopping about as much as any guy does (but it was definitely cool hitting up the row of quirky shops on Congress Ave.).  I’m not really a food snob nor am I really picky about what’s “good” and what’s “bad” (but I must say, the TexMex in Austin simply trumps anything we get here in NJ).

But I leave you with a badass video from the Austin Zoo during Tiger feeding time:

While small and a bit run down, the Austin Zoo is otherwise awesome in that the crowds are small, the commercialization is low, the peacocks are just free roaming…very awesome, and they have a huge collection of large cats (not to mention a black bear display that is practically asking for a lawsuit because you can literally reach your hand in there and pet the cuddly guy).

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