Programmathon VII Begins!

So I’m back in Utah.  Today is day one of Programmathon VII. This time, we have two new faces, Dan and Thuy (all the ways from Vietnam!)

The highlight of any of the Programmathons are the meals and awesome sightseeing that we get to do while we’re out in Utah (some trips being more memorable than others) to break up the long hours of work and occassional heated technical debates.  Of course Brad would probably disagree: the highlights of the Programmthons are really the 14 hour days we pull to get things done.

We ended up at Park City for dinner on day one.

The steak at Grub Steak was pretty good (and so was the atmosphere), but the waiter totally oversold the awesome-ness of their steaks.  7.5/10.

Luckily, I ended up with a Honda Odyssey instead of the Ford Freestar I was supposed to get.  This thing has some guts…no problem hauling 7 full grown adults up some pretty steep climbs.

Park City is a quaint little area.  The main street is lined with all sorts of eateries, expensive art galleries (expensive).  From left (above): Jim, Dave, Thuy, Me, Dan, and Brad.

More pictures with the locals.

Ice cream at Cow’s.  Very good stuff.

Seems like the calm before the storm.  Only a few days left to wrap up version 1.

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2 Responses

  1. I see you had a great time there. You’re right that ice cream is very good. 🙂