I Hate Comcast

Over the past 4 years, I’ve been both a Comcast and Cablevision subscriber.  When I moved recently, I was “forced” into subscribing to Comcast due to whatever stupid regulations are in place limiting competition.

Let me list all the ways in which Comcast blows:

  1. Their customer service reps. are completely clueless.  It took me five call to three different people to figure out a stupid promotion that they were running that required you to be a customer already.  But clearly, on the ad, the terms and conditions state that it’s available to new and existing customers.
  2. Their sales reps. are retards or just fuckups.  So to ensure that I got the exact package I wanted, just before I hung up with the rep., I specifically went over each line item to ensure that I was getting what I wanted.  Yet when the installation tech showed up – a day early, but an hour late – he didn’t bring the right box!  I looked at the box to see if there were component cables and as I suspected, there weren’t.  So I state “Hmmm…this doesn’t look like an HD box” to which he responds “Yeah, I figured you wanted an HD box (gestures to TV)…those fuckups in sales…”.  I check the order and indeed, not only was I not signed up for the package that I wanted, I was not signed up for HD either.
  3. Their customer service sucks.  So my wife goes to the local field office to tell them that they messed up their order.  Instead of offering for a tech to come out for free to claim the box and install an HD box, they hand her a new box and ask her to return the old one by Saturday.  That’s quality service for ya’ right there.
  4. The service sucks ass.  This deserves several sub-points:
    1. The digital voice comes with a shitty modem that has led to noticeably slower Internet performance (i.e. loading pages, sending files, etc).  You have no choice but to use this shitty modem.
    2. The digital cable is very unstable…many of the digital channels consistently lose integrity (blockiness, screen blacks out).
    3. The HD selection sucks.
    4. The fastest cable internet option costs $53 per month and it’s only 8mbps downstream (and something like 1.5mbps up).  Contrast this with Cablevisions Optimum Online with Boost which offers 30mbps down/5mbps up for $44.95+$14.95.  Ho-lee shit.  There is no comparison.  To make matters worse, Boost comes with:
      1. A static IP (OH SCHNAPS!!)
      2. TOS allows outbound HTTP traffic over port 80!
      3. TOS allows outbound SMTP traffic over port 25!
  5. Comcast is expensive.  The Digital Preferred, which you need to get ESPN HD, costs $74/mo.  Plus, on top of the cable cost, you have to pay an extra $5 for HD channels and rental fee for the HD box.  Cablevision?  HD is included in all of the packages.  Plus, you can get most of the HD channels with the Silver Package @ $68/mo.

So in conclusion, Comcast sucks.  Cablevision has service to the zip code, but not to the street address…so what can I do but suffer 🙁

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