Tuesday Morning Thoughts

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2 Responses

  1. Rob Relyea says:

    The crashing problem that you mention sounds bad. Please work with the WPF Forum [1] to understand the issue. It should not block you.
    [1] http://robrelyea.com/wpf/forum

    Thanks, Rob

    Rob Relyea | Program Manager, WPF & Xaml Language Team
    robrelyea.com | /blog | /wpf | /xaml

  2. Chuck says:


    Thanks for the bit of encouragement.

    I’d really like to switch over to WPF. I’ve always be the kind of guy to really get a kick out of hand crafting HTML and ASP.Net pages so I’m very much drawn to the XAML methodology of defining UIs as opposed to the standard Windows Forms methodology.

    That said, unfortunately, our timeline simply doesn’t have enough slack to deal with _possible_ instability issues (it’s too unpredictable at the moment – the crashing does not occur consistently enough for me to make any determinations (of course, this doesn’t factor in VS2005 crashing occasionally either)) with the development tools, the overall lack of community documentation (in comparison to Windows Forms), and the lack of well developed tools for the 2005 suite (not considering Orcas quite yet).

    Deadlines are deadlines, unfortunately.

    Nonetheless, I see myself spending a great deal of time with WPF in the future 🙂