Final Fantasy 12 – The Movie


Or rather, the cut scenes (in game and pre-rendered) from the game.

If you’re like me, you really don’t have the time to spend plunking down in front of your TV to play 40-60 hour games anymore.  Most of my gaming time these days is spent with the DS (the greatest gaming platform of this generation?).

But I can’t shake my adoration for the Final Fantasy series, even though sometimes it seems like it’s been milked to death.  The game always features some of the most creative character, architectural, landscape, and creature designs.  In this respect, Final Fantasy XII does not disappoint…some of the bosses and their specials are just jaw dropping.  It blows my mind that they were able to create this world with such detail, creativity, richness, and beauty.

In any case, if you want to skip to the good stuff, then hop on over to and check out the FFXII cutscenes.  It’s worth watching through the whole thing.  I actually think it’s fairly well written and the voice acting isn’t terrible (Vaan is possibly the worst one but Fran, Balthier, Basch, and Penelo are all great).

On some level, the main theme relates to one of the central themes of the Blade of the Immortal series: how does one come to grips with the desire for revenge and the reality of bloodshed that such a path would entail and the cycle of hatred that is driven by such actions?


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