I Feel Terrible…

It was quite disturbing.

I was mowing the lawn and ran over a baby rabbit with the lawn mower.  I didn’t see it in the tallish grass and it didn’t move as I approached.

Ironically, I probably saved the life of the same rabbit three weeks ago when I mowed the lawn and noticed 6-7 of them huddled in a depression in the lawn and moved them to a safer area of the yard.

It was still alive and squirming after I ran over it with the mower.  I was struck with a deep sense of grief (seriously) and couldn’t decide what to do.  I was thinking maybe drown it or put it under my car tire and back over it and give it a quick death.  But even that was painful to think about.  My heart really sank for a minute there.  I really couldn’t imagine taking its life in any way, but at the same time, I knew that it probably wouldn’t survive; a sense of panic washed over me.

Luckily, my mom was around.  She says it was dead when she picked it up.  But I suspect she killed it to end the suffering.


I really don’t ever recall being in a situation like this before and I hope never to be again.

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  1. Well… What can I say here? Hang in there, I guess.