Random DevTools Entry: #006

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2 Responses

  1. Tobin Harris says:

    Trac is cool, they also use it heavily for on RubyOnRails (http://dev.rubyonrails.org/timeline). Have you seen the Collaboa project? This is a similar thing being developed in Ruby, looks like it will be nice (http://www.collaboa.org/).

    Liked your SVN script, good work! I’m curious though, what version of windows are you using. Judging by your your screen shots it looks loads nicer than my XP SP2 installation!

    Cheers for the interesting blog.


  2. Chuck says:

    Hi Tobin,

    Didn’t know about the Collaboa project. Hard to tell how it’s trying to differentiate itself from projects like Trac from the info on that site, but there’s always space for more alternatives 🙂

    It’s kinda unfortunate that I’m the only one on my project that’s actually using Trac at the moment. I figured that our project leaders and CEO (it’s a small company) would be all over it, entering tickets for us underlings, but it seems that they don’t quite grasp the power of such a tool. Instead, I suspect I’ll keep getting hard specs in Word documents that are static and dated as soon as we make a slight design tweak.

    Oh well, I’ll just keep on plugging away at it and keeping my project info updated. I’m a big tools geek, so I loved these things, I guess.

    I’m using Windows XP with a nice little skin from http://web9design.com/.

    By the way, you forgot to add EditPlus to your editors list. EditPlus is still #1 IMO 😉