Weekend Thoughts

Just a collection of random info to wrap up the week that was.

  • This is the first year I’ve ever filed my own tax return.  It’s also the largest tax return that I’ve received…hope the IRS isn’t coming for me. Did it all online via http://www.turbotax.com/
  • Every week, when I get back from Connecticut, my cat crawls on my leg and does this silly “floppy cat” act.  He just flops down on my leg and pretends like he’s dead or something.  Conclusion: he needs to go on a diet 😀
  • Excellent issue of Time this week.  Covered some interesting topics, including science education in America and acceptance commitment therapy (very interesting topic).  It also had an interview with Terrance Howard, the Oscar Nominated actor who starred in Hustle & Flow and Crash:

    I want to be the condensation on the glass. I want to be that phenomenon that takes place between hot and cold.

  • Grad school is expensive.  But it’s worth it for the sake of education, right?
  • Did I mention that I did my taxes?  I’m elated.

That’s all.  I’m working on completing my latest workshop, “Of XML Schemas and Object Models” and I have two more in mind.  I plan on doing a workshop on creating a multi-threaded process status dialog and one on including inline images with CDO with .Net (I get a lot of hits via various search engines on this topic).  I’m also thinking about doing one on using CDO to create MHTML snapshots of web pages…so much stuff to work on, so little time.

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