Happy Chinese New Year!


I celebrated over the weekend with hotpot at my mother’s
significant other’s house.  It was great…I love hotpot!  But so damn
tired from my drive home from Connecticut the night before (I live in
Jersey, but currently working in CT).

As we were eating, my sister relayed an amusing story to me
regarding my Amazon.com reviews.  Apparently, one of her friends had
come across my review for the Microsoft Natural Ergo 4000 keyboard
while searching for a new keyboard.  As relayed to me by my sister,
this friend became quite excited and called/emailed/messaged my sister
and started asking if she had a brother in North Brunswick.  Funny how
small the world is I guess.

Even more interesting, this morning, I got an email from someone who
had read my review on the same keyboard and wanted to know if my
opinion had changed since owning it.  Of course, I replied to this woman and told her that the 4000 is a fabulous <<in that nasal, metrosexual tone>> keyboard.

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