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Powershell, SharePoint Solutions, and Waiting for Deployment

When installing SharePoint solution packages using Powershell, you'll need to wait for the solution to be installed after calling install-spsolution before you can enable features using enable-spfeature.  As a part of an automated script, you'd like for the script to know when the install is finished before continuing.

It's surprisingly easy and can be accomplished with only a tiny bit of code:

$sln = add-spsolution [YOUR_SOLUTION_PATH_HERE]

install-spsolution -identity [YOUR_SOLUTION_NAME_HERE] -gacdeployment

    echo "Deployment in progress..."

    start-sleep -s 5

That's it!

On uninstall, the process is a little bit different as uninstall-spsolution does not return an instance of the solution.  You will want to grab the solution before you start the retraction:

$sln = get-spsolution -identity [YOUR_SOLUTION_IDENTITY]

uninstall-spsolution -identity [YOUR_SOLUTION_IDENTITY] -confirm:$false -webapplication:$webAppName

echo "Started solution retraction..."

	echo " > Uninstall in progress..."
	start-sleep -s 5

remove-spsolution -identity [YOUR_SOLUTION_IDENTITY] -confirm:$false

This helps make for a much smoother install and uninstall process as you can be more certain that your solution is installed before executing code dependent on the solution (feature activation, solution removal, etc).

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