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Most Annoying Error Ever.


So I've been working on this Windows Forms app for the past month and recently, it started developing this very odd error that occurs only after a successful build, just as I fire up the window.  Behold:

Super annoying error that makes no sense...

Argh!  What's worse is that it pops up not once, not twice, but three times each time I show the form with that super annoying Windows XP "Critical Stop" sound clip each time.  BUT it only happens if I launch the form from VS! These things...they infuriate me because it's virtually impossible to track down.  Throw me a bone, Microsoft, at least tell me what line it's on (which brings me to another point: NullReferenceException - at least when deployed in debug mode, can't you guys just tell me what reference was null?).

I mean, it would be easy if it said something like "Unable to cast object of type 'X' to type 'Y'" - that would make perfect sense, duh! - but this is just baffling.  It's not like I'm getting complier errors either.  I dunno...I just can't figure out why it would only throw up this modal dialog only when I launch the app (without debugging) from VS.

:: grumble :: grumble ::


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