SharpZipLib and ASP.NET

I recently had to write a search-driven component to extract and export documents from a SharePoint repository. It presented a challenge since many examples on the web start from the premise of a file system and not binary streams.

I settled upon SharpZipLib, an excellent and fairly easy to use library, but found the documentation quite lacking, particularly around creating a zip file to a stream (like an ASP.NET output response stream).

I put together a little sample just to test it out and finally got it working after struggling with it for a good 30 minutes. This sample creates a zip package using an embedded resource (text file) for simplicity. In practice, you can just modify the implementation of the GetBinaryContent helper method. Note that when adding multiple files, you do a “put” first and then a “write”.

The full project file is attached and runnable.

SharpZipLibTest.7z (104.3 KB)

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