Disaster Averted!

That the election was only about 6 percentage points apart in the popular vote speaks volumes about the general stupidity of a large portion of the population and the movement towards anti-intellectualism over the last 8 years.

But thank goodness that disaster was narrowly averted:

Your eyes do not deceive you: Fox News, of all outlets, piling on Palin and exposing a disaster in the making.  Come on, not knowing that Africa is a continent?  Not knowing which countries are in NAFTA after claiming bordering Canada and being able to see Russia as foreign policy credentials?  Good fucking lord; I’m not religious, but even I am on the verge of thanking the Heavens that she didn’t get elected into office and I hope that America never looks back to this brand of politics of idiocy.

Speaking of religion…

In contrast, check out Obama’s stance on the topic of religion and policy:

Nuanced, well thought out, and beautifully centrist (as far as religion is concerned).

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